Intro Linux Commands for DNS

DIG is used to query information about various DNS records, including host addresses, mail exchganges, and name servers, eg. « dig ». Install dig on Linux (Optional) Most modern Linux systems include the dig command. Verify that it’s installed by checking the software version. To do so, open a command line and enter the … En savoir plus

How to Check MySQL Database Size in Linux

Tutorial MySQL – Check the size of all Databases First, access the MySQL command-line (replace « root » by your mysql username) : Run this command to check the size of all the mySQL Database Size in MB : Here is the command outpout : In our example, a table showing the size of all … En savoir plus

What’s the best Linux distro for you?

First, let’s clarify something: Linux is not an operating system! Linux is a kernel, to get an operating system, you need to choose a distrubution which will pack Linux as the kernel. There’s also other Unix-like operating systems which will pack BSD as the kernel instead of Linux. Both are good, but they have differents … En savoir plus