Personal Privacy and Security Tips

As a professionnal system administrator, I have the highest level of access possible. Because I have this level of access someone could try to hack me or might threaten me to get some information I have access to. I don’t want to discuss my threat model, but I will give you some tips to get … En savoir plus

What’s the best Linux distro for you?

First, let’s clarify something: Linux is not an operating system! Linux is a kernel, to get an operating system, you need to choose a distrubution which will pack Linux as the kernel. There’s also other Unix-like operating systems which will pack BSD as the kernel instead of Linux. Both are good, but they have differents … En savoir plus

How to Delete Certbot Certificate by Domain Name (Let’s Encrypt)

First, list your certificates by running this command : Here’s an immediate way to delete a Certbot certificate by including the domain name in the command like this: To avoid problems, you should also delete the Apache configuration associated with this certificate, here’s an exemple for exemple.conf : This could be useful if the domain … En savoir plus

How to update GLPI to latest version (2020)

Note As for every update process, you have to backup some data before processing any upgrade: backup your database; backup your files directory; backup your configuration. I will provide you with the information to update GLPI to the latest version. In this exemple, I will be upgrading from GLPI version 9.5.1 to 9.5.2. I will … En savoir plus